Booking an Outdoor Space for Your Party in New Jersey


Hosting a party can be a lot of fun, but there's always ways to make it fun and easier. Outdoor parties are great, but when it comes to outdoors... there's plenty of things you should look for when choosing a venue.

  1. Weather - Because you never know what's gonna happen, you need a place that can allow for all weather scenarios. Sofia is great because the garden room offers a retractable roof - which can stay open when it's warm and dry, but closed if it's cold or there's precipitation.

  2. Size - How many people you plan on hosting is always one of the main decisions in choosing a party venue. While not the largest space, the garden room at Sofia can comfortable hold up to 60 people.

  3. Location & Access - Is there ample parking? Is the place easy to get to from highways and other transportation hubs? You never want to make it difficult for your guests to find the party and get settled once they get there - that's why Sofia offers valet parking and is conveniently located near the Palisades Parkway, Route 80, Route 4 and minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

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